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The Elmer GmbH is a family-run business in the 4th generation. All in all, 50 employees are working for the Elmer GmbH. The management is shared equally with 50% by Mr. Ing. Thomas Elmer and Mr. DI Dr. Hannes Elmer.

In 1998, Thomas Elmer worked on a school project which was the early starting point FarmVend. Everything started with a beverage filling machine which was used to tap juices, milk or milk-alike beverages. Our beverage filling machine is a unique item which was developed and optimized for years. In former times, the machine was sold under the name “Trink-S” and “Milchkuh”.

The concept includes the following points:

  • Waste avoidance because of reusable packaging
  • Dispense of non-carbonated drinks
  • Easy to use
  • Freely choosable dispensed quantity
  • Various payment methods
  • Build-in load cell in order to ensure exact filling
  • Filling level check and failure notifications via SMS
  • Full automatic cleaning of the pipe system with separate cleaning tool
  • All milk-holding parts are cooled
  • Filling amount depends on the payment


The beverage filling machine was built in 2 versions, one for schools to tap milk and one version to fill raw milk.

The beverage filling machine was built to fill milk, therefore we primarily addressed farmers with their own milk production.

Through the years and amplified by the Corona pandemic the demand for regional food products, directly received from the farm, increased.

That is the reason why we were looking for additional opportunities to facilitate farm-gate sales, apart from weekly markets and untransparent farm sales opening.

Due to the self-service market entry with the beverage filling machine, we thought about further possibilities to develop this idea.

We bought additional vending machines in order to expand our offer. Our aim was to offer state of the art technology and to differentiate from competitors. Hence, we developed our own software which connects the system and makes it “smart”.  The newest machine, which we offer is the lockbox which consists of several shelves and can be filled separat

Finally, we developed the brand “FarmVend” under which we sell our digitalized vending machines and software solutions. Continuously we expand our product range and develop our vending machines in order to fulfill our customers’ requests.

Sustainability and regionality while retaining the tradition, are very important to us. That is why we would like to offer reusable packaging in the future to pack the produced products from the farmer in order to offer a whole concept.

We, as one of a few micro market providers from Austria, offer our customers a unique service experience and individual solutions.

Our management

DI Dr. Hannes Elmer
Ing. Thomas Elmer
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Arthur Elmer
Senior management

Our site location in Ober-Grafendorf, Lower Austria