Branding & Design

Your logo! Your individuality!

Our vending machines are delivered in grey by default.

Increase your brand recognition by a customized foil-coat!

If requested, the vending machine is coated with an UV-resistant and 4-coloured foil. The vending machine provides a big advertising space for your logo or other promotional information. You could also attract the attention of the customer through colorful and creative designs.

As a newbie to the world of vending machines and farm gate sales, you would like to attract attention to your micro market.

How? With colorful and appealing designs.

Depending on the request and location you have the option to coat your vending machine
  • 1-sided (only the front side)
  • 3-sided (left, front, right).

Furthermore, the output compartment and the product lift can be also coated with a customized foil.

Choose your design!

We can coat your vending machine with the FarmVend design. But you could also create your very own design. For doing this, we send you a template which you can fill with your pictures and graphics.

Our partner for printing techniques provides a high-quality foil.

Our range:
  • FarmVend design
  • FarmVend design with logo integration
  • One-coloured design with logo integration
  • Customized design
foil coating
foil coating