Loyalty card

FarmVend loyalty card
FarmVend loyalty card

The FarmVend loyalty card offers many advantages for your customers. Patrons, who visit and buy at the micro market regularly, have the opportunity to register and create a loyalty card. The loyalty card is connected with a customer profile in the FarmVend system.

Version 1:

The customer scans the QR-code of the card at the payment terminal and receives access to the personal profile. The card can be loaded with a free selectable amount.

Products can be selected and put into the virtual shopping cart. The card functions as a payment system. The purchase amount is deducted from the card’s credit balance. The card replaces the printed QR-Code at the payment terminal on which the purchase is saved. The order is saved to the customer loyalty card. However, the receipt must be printed because of legal reasons. Shopping is easier than ever.

Afterwards, the customer turns to the vending machines and scans the card again. The machine recognizes the paid products and dispenses them to the customer.

Version 2:

If the customer is already registered and money is uploaded there is the opportunity to pay and order directly at the vending machines. The customer selects the products at the operating module of the vending machines and pays by scanning the loyalty card. The amount is deducted from the credit and the products are dispensed. If desired, the receipt can be printed at the payment terminal.