Comfort version

Order and payment terminal

more than 2 vending machines

The comfort version is the next bigger option after the standard version.

The payment terminal is extended by the order terminal. Displaying a big product range on a 15” touch-screen might appear unstructured and confusing. The 32” touch-display therefore facilitates the ordering process. The payment terminal’s display can be used for the purpose of showing ads or explanation videos.

You can provide your customer with an exceptional “comfort experience” by facilitating the product selection with the comfort version.

Order terminal
Order terminal

Order terminal

Every visit at the micro market starts at the order terminal.

The order terminal does the following:

  • Facilitated operation and readability of the product range
  • Possibilities to filter
  • Deposit in virtual shopping cart
  • Operating through touch-function.
Payment terminal
Payment terminal

Payment terminal

The payment terminal goes into action after confirming the selection of the products.

  • The customer pays the full virtual shopping cart
  • Payment can be made in cash or with card
  • The receipt with the QR-code is printed after the payment is made.
Vending machines
Vending machines

Vending machine

The last station is at the vending machines. Finally, the products are dispensed.

The vending machine performs the following functions:

  • Through scanning the QR-code at the vending machine, the product can be dispensed and picked up
  • Autonomous issuance
  • Immediate or later pick-up possible