Deluxe version

Stand-alone payment terminal
Stand-alone order terminal
many vending machines


The deluxe version consists of at least one stand-alone order terminal, at least one payment terminal and any number of vending machines.

Large choice = long decision-making process

Generally, the purchase in the micro market starts at the order terminal. Especially when the product range is new and wide, the selection process can take a little longer. In order to provide your customers, the required time to look through the whole range, we recommend installing more order terminals in the micro market.

The payment of the virtual shopping cart on the other hand takes only a few seconds.

By using more order terminals, waiting hours can be shortened. At least one payment terminal is required for paying the shopping cart. The payment terminal is accessible for all customers and without any attachment to another device.

Expandable at any time

The deluxe version can be expanded at any time without big effort with one or more payment terminals, order terminals or vending machines. Each device works independently.

Deluxe version
Deluxe version
working principle deluxe version
working principle deluxe version

The system works the following:

The product selection happens at the payment terminal. More customers can make their choice simultaneously next to each other at the order terminals. Each product selection is assigned to a printed QR-code which is saved to the system.

Next is the payment terminal. The customer scans the QR Code which leads to the display of the outstanding balance for the selected products. It can be paid either with cash or card, the receipt is printed afterwards.

The receipt also holds a QR-code which can be scanned at the vending machines. After scanning, the vending machine dispenses the products automatically.