Small version

2-in-1 payment terminal

max. 2 vending machines
(goods issuing machine, beverage filling machine, or lockbox)

The small version consists of a payment terminal and at least one and maximum 2 vending machines.

This is the smallest and most compact version of the FarmVend system.  The payment terminal can be screwed on to the vending machine and works as 2-in-1 device. (order as well as payment can be made at the terminal)

Only one customer successively can shop at the micro market.

This way maximum 2 vending machines can be installed.


This version is often used for public places or schools.

The payment terminal can be installed with vending machines, beverage filling machines or lockboxes in order to use the small version.

  • Small version vending machine for goods

    1 / 3Small version vending machine for goods

  • Small version bottle filling machine

    2 / 3Small version bottle filling machine

  • Small version cup filling machine

    3 / 3Small version cup filling machine


  • Selecting the products on a 15” touch-display
  • Deposition in virtual shopping cart
  • Payment through modules at the payment terminal
  • Autonomous dispensation of the products through the installed vending machine
  • Picking up the products later is not possible