If you prefer to offer your products in open shelves but also make use of our innovative system, it is possible.

Besides the payment terminal, you would need a barcode or QR-code scanner and optional also a scale. After the customer scans all the products on its own, the purchase is registered in the system.

Billing and payment is made at the payment terminal. Find more here.

You can add an additional vending machine, beverage filling machine or lockbox to the system at any time. If you want to optimize the order process you can add more payment and/or order terminals to the system.

Yes, even if you operate a micro market with only one vending machine, the FarmVend system is still profitable.

The “small” version consists of a vending machine and a payment terminal. The payment terminal is directly attached to the vending machine. The “small” version can be rebuilt to a bigger system and be expanded with more vending machines.

Moreover, the system has many benefits for the operator which are already reasonable at small micro markets.

The payment terminal registers and saves all sales to system and updates the quantity. The operator can check the inventory at any time from anywhere. Moreover, the operator receives an automatic analysis of the sales.

The FarmVend system facilitates the selection and payment process for the customer. No pressing buttons of shelf numbers, products can be easily selected through the touch display. Also, big purchases can be made with the system. After paying, the products are automatically and successively dispensed by the vending machine.

The big advantage of the FarmVend system is that the customer only receives the product after the payment is made. The sale is safe and protects the operator from theft.

Our FarmVend micro market solution is very unique. The operator can access the system from anywhere in the world and receives insights and make changes.

Moreover, the FarmVend farm gate shop can be compared to an on-site online shop. The products are selected through the touch-display. Furthermore, the products are saved to a virtual shopping cart und paid together. The difference however is that the products can be picked up immediately or at a later point of time.

The micro market operator is informed immediately in case of a blackout.

A blackout can have dramatic consequences, especially for the beverage filling machine. When the electricity works again, the machine checks the temperature. If the blackout was too long, then the beverage filling machine is blocked until the operator checks the functions and unlocks it again.

The plus package “age verifier” consists of a software integration and a hardware module at the payment terminal, which is able to check the age. Alcoholic beverages therefore can be sold through the vending machine or lockbox. The products are not free accessible and are only dispensed after the age is verified.

The multi-operator function enables farmers to team up and share the costs of the micro market. Therefore, it is possible to create a central point of sales for regional products. Each partner receives access to the system. The partner can divide the sales spots among themselves. The farmers’ names can be filtered in the system and therefore separate billings can be made for the partners.

After paying, the customer receives a receipt with all products listed by farms.

If you are not a farmer, you can also run a micro market and buy the products from various farms.

However, you would need a dealer’s license, which farmers do not require. (Austria)

Yes, the access to the micro market can be limited via security door. However, in order to limit the access to the shop the micro market needs to be indoors. The security door is recommended especially for the unattended self-service market. If problems arise, it can be tracked who the shop entered. 

The biggest difference is the easy order and payment process for your customers.

  • Online shop
    The unique feature of our system is the connection of the online shop with the micro market. Customers can get to know your product range from home and check if the desired products are still available and maybe reserve them.
  • Click&Collect
    When you want to add an online shop to your micro market, customers can already shop from home. The products are reserved in the system and cannot be bought anymore from other customers. The operator of the micro market collects all products in the meantime and locks it in a box of the lockbox.
  • Customer loyalty card
    The customer loyalty card is another specialty of the FarmVend system. Customers could upload money to the card and accelerate the order process. Moreover, the customer cards are customized and can be used for the security door feature.

Yes, the whole system can be placed outdoors. However, it should be roofed to protect the vending machines from rain. The beverage filling machine consists of a cooling system as well as heating system which can be applied depending on the outdoor temperature.

The operator receives an access to the system and can enter all the products to the system, make changes and have a look into data. Because of its telemetry the system can be accessed from anywhere.

Software problems can be easily solved with a short call.

The amount of integrated vending machines is unlimited. The bigger the micro market the more confusing the order process. We recommend integrating one or more order terminals or even another payment terminal.

Yes, our new lockbox allows to lock and store bigger products, which cannot be dispersed through the vending machines. It is especially suitable for gift sets, loose products like potatoes or apples or more bottles of juice.

There are 2 possibilities to offer gift sets:

  • Standard gift sets are compiled by the operator
  • By making use of the online shop the customer can select the desired products and add the info “wrap as a gift”. The operator collects all desired products, wraps them accordingly and locks them in a shelf of the lockbox.