Beverage filling machine

cup filling machine and bottle filling machine
cup filling machine and bottle filling machine

Appealing for different tastes – FarmVend beverage filling machine

Our beverage filling machine is developed to draw beverages of self-produced juices, milk- and whey alike beverages. It is operated as a machine for cold beverages only. Warm drinks cannot be filled by the filling machine.


The service range of the beverage filling machine includes:

4 tankards of 20 liters where each can be filled with a different content.

2 versions:


  • cup – (0,3 liter)

  • bottle filling (1 liter).


We recommend the bottle filling machine for the purpose of farm-gate-sales.

The cup filling machine might be more suitable in schools and canteens.

For the beverage filling machines, we also offer suitable, reusable bottles and cups. Sustainability is very important to us, this is why we try to operate the filling system without plastic bottles. Therefore, we invest in sustainable reusable packaging made of glass and HD-Polyethylene.

What’s unique about our beverage filling machine unique?

Each tankard is equipped with a pipe which allows a separate filling. Moreover, an intelligent retraction mechanism prevents the mixture of the drinks and an unwanted leftover in the pipes.

Beverage filling machine inside view
Beverage filling machine inside view


We deliver 6 tankards and 2 bottling lines. The cleaning device is mandatory for flushing the lactiferous parts. This procedure can be done on-site. However, the tankards need to be cleaned manually at home.

Maintenance & control

Smart maintenance and control from afar.

The operator is notified before a tankard is running out or in case of a blackout. As soon as electricity is on again, the machine checks the temperature. If the beverage filling machine is without electricity for too long, it will be blocked for selling.

Software problems can be solved with just a call.


The beverage filling machine does not require a lot of maintenance. The pump and pipes can be replaced quite easily. 

We, as a beverage filling machine producer, offer a comprehensive service and are available in case of problems.

Fields of application

The cup version of the beverage filling machine can be used in schools, canteens, companies or hotels.

All machines can be placed outdoors as well as indoors.

Some schools and farm-gate shops in Lower Austria, Carinthia and Styria use our beverage filling machines already.

Prices can be requested at any time. Besides buying the machines, there is also the possibility to lease them, with a minimum term of 24 months. However, renting the machines for special occasions only is not possible.

Our FarmVend beverage filling machine is developed, programmed, and produced by us. We are situated in Ober-Grafendorf, Lower Austria.

Sales and distribution within Austria is done by us, the Elmer company. For sales and distribution in Germany we have our partner Guido Klein, who can be contacted through the website

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