Jofemar vending machine

Jofemar vending machine

Article number: FV-05.009


  • Vending machine measurements (HxWxD): 192 x 103 x 100 cm
  • Weight: 386 kg
  • Frontside with security glass
  • With and without cooling system (0.5°C -12°C)
  • Dispensation through 2 types of motors
  • Product dispensation with smart lift
  • Economical LED lightning 24 W
  • Various possibilities for placement (inside and outside)
  • For food and non-food


  • Max. 80 products
  • 8 rows with 10 shelves each
  • height and width can be manually adjusted


Filling of the vending machines can be done individually.

Different sizes of the products are not a problem due to the fact that the shelves can be manually adjusted.

Even fragile products like eggs or juices in glass bottles can be offered without any problems. The smart lif system guarantees a safe transport of the products.


In case you don’t need the various combinations and possibilities of the FarmVend options, we also offer the Jofemar vending machine.

Therefore, it is necessary to acquire the goods issuing machine and the standard Jofemar payment module. The Jofemar goods issuing machine can be ordered with or without cooling function. The machine is equipped with a smart elevator which picks up the products. However, paying the virtual shopping cart, like in the FarmVend system, is not possible. The Jofemar payment module only allows cash payment with coins and banknotes and can be used through a number pad with a small display.

Furthermore, a maximum of 4 additional Jofemar vending machines can be installed with one payment module.

Functions Jofemar vending machine
Functions Jofemar vending machine
Jofemar Kombinationen
Jofemar Kombinationen
Jofemar vending machine with FarmVend operating module
Jofemar vending machine with FarmVend operating module

Jofemar + FarmVend


Reconstructing the Jofemar vending machine to the FarmVend system can be done at any time. We offer the following options:

  • Integration into the FarmVend micromarket
  • Jofemar goods issuing machine with FarmVend software and payment system