Article number: FV0000


Lockbox measurements (BxHxT): 1200 x 1800 x 600 mm

Useable area (BxHxT): 1200 x 1500 x 600 mm

Modular design:

  • Minimum 2 shelves above and 2 shelves next to each other
  • Maximum 8 shelves above and 6 shelves next to each other


Various shelf sizes possible

Transparent shelf doors

With and without cooling unit

Lightning: each box is illuminated with a LED light, which turns off as soon as a product is removed.

Equipped with a 7” operating module and QR-code scanner




Control system

There are 2 ways to integrate the operating module which consists of a 7” touch-display and a QR-code scanner, into the lockbox.


Module solution

Attachment of terminal with 25 mm width (the same terminal is used for the vending machines).

Compact solution lockbox
Compact solution lockbox

Compact solution

The control system is built into a box of the lockbox. The business owner can choose the position individually.


The box sizes can be chosen individually within the useable area (1200 x 1500 mm). Also, the maximum and minimum limit of the amount of boxes need to be considered which are

  • 2 – 6 boxes horizontally
  • 2 – 8 boxes vertically

The size of the boxes in a vertical row should always be the same.

Lockbox different sizes and combinations
Lockbox different sizes and combinations



Standard functionality

Our lockbox machine qualifies ideally as an additional vending machine to sell big and bulky products like kilo bags of vegetables or fruits. Also, flowers can be kept freshly due to the cooling of the box.

The lockbox is integrated into the FarmVend system:

  • Selection and payment made at the payment terminal
  • QR-code is printed
  • Scan QR-code at the module of the lockbox
  • Doors of boxes open by itself after scanning the QR-code

The business owner is able to open each box separately with a portable scanner, this way s/he can fill the shelves with products. The manual allocation needs to be entered in the system.

The advantage compared to traditional lockbox systems

At traditional systems, the door of the shelf opens right after payment automatically. If the marketplace is crowded, misunderstandings can occur or other customers, who are closer to the box, could intentionally and illegally take the product.



Click & Collect functionality

Adding an online shop to the micro market can turn the lockbox into a click and collect station.


Click & collect
Click and collect
  1. The click and collect function can be used by the customer when selecting and buying the products beforehand in the corresponding online shop. Customers across Austria or even worldwide can enter the online shop, scroll through the product range and select their preferred products. Afterwards the customer pays online with credit card or direct transfer of the money.
  2. After the payment an e-mail is sent to the customer which includes a QR-code. This code is necessary to open the corresponding box shelf which holds the product. Also, the customer receives a time slot during which the product can be picked up at the lockbox.
  3. Between order receipt and pick up time, the operator of the shop collects all products and puts it in a shelf of the lockbox.
  4. Next, the customer drives to the farm gate sales and pick up the goods without any contact. After scanning the QR code at the lockbox, the shelf opens automatically, and the products can be taken out.

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