Operating module

Operating module

Article number: FV-04.002

7" touch-display

QR-code printer


labelled operating module
labelled operating module

The operating module is used to assign the vending machine to dispense the products. It comprises a small operating field (7” touch-display) and a QR-code scanner. The module with the touch-display was developed by us and is added to the vending machine, beverage filling machine and lockbox.

  • The products are selected at the order/payment terminal and paid.
  • The invoice and the QR-code are printed.
  • After scanning the QR-code the products are dispensed.


  • Separate products can be selected through the operating module directly at the vending machine.
  • The selection needs to be paid at the payment terminal.
  • Only after the payment the products can be dispensed.
  • Operating module vending machine

    1 / 5Operating module vending machine

  • Operating module cup filling machine

    2 / 5Operating module cup filling machine

  • Operating module bottle filling machine

    3 / 5Operating module bottle filling machine

  • Operating module lockbox

    4 / 5Operating module lockbox

  • Operating module box in lockbox

    5 / 5Operating module box in lockbox