Order terminal

Order terminal

Article number: FV-01.004

32" touch-display

QR-code scanner

QR-code printer


labelled order terminal
labelled order terminal

The order terminal is an additional device which can be integrated into the micromarket. The bigger screen facilitates the display of a big product range and the selection of the products.

The FarmVend order terminal and the payment terminal form the control center of the micromarket.

The order terminal is also used in the self-service gastronomy. The FarmVend order terminal consists of a 32” touch-screen and a QR-code scanner as well as a QR code printer.

32" Touch-display

The 32” touch-display takes over the functions of the 15” touch-display of the payment terminal. The user interface as well as operating is the same as the payment terminal.

QR-code scanner

The QR-code scanner reads the QR code on the loyalty card. Hence, the customer can log in to their personal account and pay with the loaded credit.

QR-Code Drucker

The selected products are saved to the QR-code which is printed on paper. The customer scans the QR-code paper at the payment terminal and pays the declared products.

The system works like this:

  • The customer chooses the preferred products and puts it into the virtual shopping cart.
  • After confirming the selection, the QR code is printed.
  • The QR code needs to be scanned at the payment terminal and the open amount is displayed.
  • The customer pays the invoiced amount and receives an additional invoice incl. QR-Code, which can be scanned at the vending machines.
  • The products are automatically dispensed.

As a producer of the order terminal in Lower Austria, we are happy to adjust the product according to the customer’s requirements.