Unattended self-service market

Unattended self-service market
Unattended self-service market

The benefit of the unattended self-service market of FarmVend is to offer products like fruits or vegetables without the vending machines. This product can be used especially for selling low-price products which customers normally buy in bulks like apples or potatoes. The unattended self-service market is a convenient solution to save space in the vending machines.

Customers enter the market and take the product out of the shelf, weigh it and pay it at the self-service kiosk. The market can be additionally equipped with a security door and customer loyalty card. Therefore, the access to the store can be given to registered customers only. The unattended self-service market is a software option which can be integrated into the micromarket.

The unattended self-service market requires the following components:

  • Showroom
  • Scale and scaling system
  • QR-code scanner
  • Payment terminal (self-service kiosk)
  • FarmVend software

The products are stored in open shelves and are free-accessible. Each product is assigned to a QR-code. The customer collects all products s/he wants to buy and goes to the check-out table. The check-out table consists of a scale, a scanner and a payment terminal.

  1. The product is pulled over a scanner and registered for the purchase.
  2. Goods which need to be weighed first in order to determine the actual price, need to be put on the scales (weight-based sale).
  3. After scanning all products, the customer is asked to settle the bill through the payment terminal. It can be paid with debit or credit card, as well as cash.




The weight-based sales integrated into the unattended self-service market works the following:

unattended self-service market explained
unattended self-service market explained

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