Vending machines for goods

Vending machines for goods

Article number: FV-04.001


  • Vending machine measurements (HxWxD): 192 x 103 x 100 cm
  • Weight: 386 kg
  • Frontside with security glass
  • With and without cooling system (0.5°C -12°C)
  • Dispensation through 2 types of motors
  • Product dispensation with smart lift
  • Economical LED lightning 24 W
  • Various possibilities for placement (inside and outside)
  • For food and non-food


  • Max. 80 products
  • 8 rows with 10 shelves each
  • height and width can be manually adjusted


Filling of the vending machines can be done individually.

Different sizes of the products are not a problem due to the fact that the shelves can be manually adjusted.

Even fragile products like eggs or juices in glass bottles can be offered without any problems. The smart lif system guarantees a safe transport of the products.


Our vending machines are a secure method to sell, cool or store your products.

All our FarmVend vending machines are equipped with a 7-inches touch-display and a QR-code scanner. With the help of this technical equipment the product dispensation is fast and automated.

Selling self-produced food has never been that easy!

vending machine labelled
vending machine labelled

Product conveyor rail

Length of the rail 64 cm

The purpose of the conveyor rail is to stack products into the vending machines. Depending on the requirements, we offer two types of conveyor rails.

Low product conveyor rail
Low product conveyor rail

Low product conveyor rail (HxW 4 x 5,2 cm)

The low product conveyor rail distinguishes from the high in terms of the product pusher.  

Products in a low conveyor rail are pushed all together from the very back.

This conveyor is used for products which can stand on its own, have a specific form (e.g. beverage carton or egg carton, …) or cannot fall out the row because of its weight (glass bottles).

High product conveyor rail
High product conveyor rail

High product conveyor rail (HxW 5,5 x 5,2 cm)

The high conveyor rail is equipped with clips which separate the products in a shelf from each other. Each product is pushed separately. The product conveyor rail is high, because the clips disappear successively under the rail, after a product was purchased and dispensed.

This rail is best suitable for products which cannot stand on its own, which easily fall over, or which could get stuck in the rail.


You can order supplies and additional equipment for your vending machines at any time.

Partition wall
Partition wall

Partition wall 

The partition walls are attached left and right from the product conveyor in order to prevent products to fall out of the row, or that products of different rows get entangled.

Fitting spring for vending machines
Fitting spring for vending machines

Fitting spring

The fitting spring prevents the product in the front to slide out the rail. The fitting spring is used for the low product conveyor. At dispensation, the pusher in the back pushes the product in the front through the spring and prevents the next product to fall out the rail.

Expansion plate for vending machines
Expansion plate for vending machines

Expansion plate (6 cm width)

Since a lot of products are wider than 5 cm it is possible to expand the product conveyor rail with plates. Therefore, also egg cartons can be placed full width in a shelf. 

Clip attachment for the product conveyor rail
Clip attachement for the product conveyor rail

Clip attachment

The clip attachment can be additionally used for the high product conveyor rail. The attachments are placed on the clip in order to separate big and heavy products from each other. Depending on the requirements there are 2 different types of clip attachments.

Did we arouse your interest?

If you are interested in buying one of our vending machines, we would be happy to send you a customized offer. Our prices depend on your requirements and the choice of your vending machine parts.

We obtain our standard vending machines, without any integrated software, from the company Jofemar. If you prefer the standard Jofemar vending machine, it can also be bought from us.

The Jofemar machine can be modified into the FarmVend vending machine by integrating our software and telemetry.

Our service includes installing and assembling the vending machines on-site as well as a comprehensive introduction to the software back-end.

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