FarmVend basic software module

The vending machines can be operated and controlled through the module directly at the machine or at home through the operator LOG-IN. With their personal access, filling quantities or sales of products can be seen or settings for temperatures and prices can be changed. At low filling levels or before a product runs out, the operator of the micro market is informed via SMS or e-mail. Many control and inspection possibilities facilitate an undisturbed operation of the vending machines.

Micro market overview:

The server back-end provides the operator an overview of all his or her micro markets and the corresponding vending machines to it.

Details of each and every vending machine can be seen when clicking into the specific machine. Also information about the products inside the specific vending machine can be extracted.

Define product categories:

For every vending machine or micro market, product categories can be defined. Products with the same characteristics can be pooled to a category. The operator can individually choose the name and the characteristics of the category. It has to be decided between a few broad terms with many products or specific categories with just a few products in it.

Broad terms: milk products, meat, sweets

Specific terms: yoghurt, chocolate, cheese, berries, …


The more specific the categories the easier the search of a specific product for the customer. The consequence of specific categories is that the ordering process and time can be shortened.

If the customer does not have a specific idea of the products and rather scrolls through the range, broad terms are more suitable.

Product overview:

After defining the product categories, the operator can add his/her products.

The overview shows all shelves and the including products. Every shelf regardless of its content is shown. Therefore, products which are placed in more than one shelf are presented separately by shelf. This overview also presents reservations and the quantity of the available products.

For each product, there is a detailed view which allows an entry of the following information:


  • Product name
  • Product description
  • Fragility
  • Price
  • VAT rate
  • Maximum quantity in the shelf
  • Minimum age of the customer
  • Maximum temperature to store (intelligent temperature regulator)
  • Comments for the operator
  • Type
  • EAN code
  • Product picture


The sales section gives insights into the sales statistics which are listed according to date. Additionally, the status of the sales and reservations can be retrieved. It can also be analyzed if the customer card was used and how many and which products were bought.


The card payment tool requires daily reports and accounting statements which are sent to Six Payments. This process is done automatically and can be tracked in the sector reports.

More settings

The operator can also block the customer card if the card gets lost. Every setting concerning the vending machines and products can be done through the software and the operator log-in account.


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